Hello, I'm Mele Roberts-Vili and together with my husband Chris Vili, our three children and niece (who are all under 12 years old), we decided to make a life changing decision to join the Atamu exercise programme. We started four weeks ago and to this day, we are still going strong with no intention of stopping.

With a large family, it was impossible with the fees the cost to register. That's money that would go toward our bread, butter and milk for the week. When we heard about the Atamu exercise programme being faith-based, free registration, free health check and offering free advice, we would be crazy not to sign up.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the instructors are always motivating and encouraging accompanied with some electrifying and fun exercise routines. Your never feel like you are being judged or intimidated. Everyone is supportive and is a very family orientated environment.

There are plently of information available to promote healthy living, such as cooking heathier and eating well. All of which are free for us to take. 

We as a family are making better food choices and it's so rewarding to see the positive changes that my family is making together. We encourage anyone and everyone who is wanting to take that first leap into becoming fit and healthier to come along and take this journey with us. It's just the start you need. 

Thank you and God bless. TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE.


Ane - A story of overcoming the chanllenge of being overweight

Have you ever heard of the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result every time. My name is Ann June Alipia Tupuse and this story is my success journey to improving my health in all dimensions, including how I overcame the challenge of being overweight.

Before I started I was 120Kilos carrying a baggage full of unwanted negative lies that I believed in, such lies consisted of phrases I would repeat to myself each day like “I am UGLY” and “I can’t do it”. At times, I would find myself crying to bed because of how unhappy I felt about my weight and my appearance.

To sum up my “so called” healthy journey before I started, I would describe it as Insanity and manipulation. Personally I was battling the same negativity every day, repeating the same bad habits and gaining new bad habits over and over again and manipulated by my thoughts that lead me to create this negativity in my life.

I knew all of this negativity had a source it was feeding off and at this point in my life I knew that I had a problem with food that needed to be addressed and dealt with. I had an addiction to food, which resulted to an unbalanced and unstable life style. If you have an addiction to something, do not let the problem define you. Do not become a victim seeking pity like I did. Let your fight define you. Let how you overcome the problem define you.

It all began through the Porirua E.F.K.S Fitness program that I was able to make improvements in my health. The programme caters to all generation in the representation that it is beneficial for their physical well-being and was the first step I took that lead me to my weight loss. It is a mixture of Cardio Cross fitness training and intense Zumba dancing.

One of the things that caught my attention about this programme that in actual fact it is completely free, including health checks by qualified nurses. There is no other programme that had this type of service and it meant I could trust the quality of their work because it was free, in the hope that it would help me gain new healthy perspectives. I was able attend every Zumba session during the week while getting a full health check at the same time. They offer a holistic approach that supports all dimensions of your health which helped me tackle down some of my health issues fast.

The fitness instructors were so welcoming and passionate about guiding and directing people like me who struggle with their weight. And with their monthly workshops about healthy eating, exercise, and body knowledge meant I was able to learn the importance of exercise and healthy eating which made training more meaningful. Now I am truly implementing changes, through the help of the Atamu Fitness programme I coach myself every single day. It is surreal to finally say “I am really proud” of the strength and control I now exude when it comes to my nutrition and body.

It was not easy making positive healthy decisions even with the success I was making in my fitness journey. However I share my story because this does happen. A person can dismantle all of his or her hard work and gain a lot of the weight back. I thought because I lost so much weight, that was the end, but it isn’t. Being fit is a way of life that requires consistency, which is a very rewarding feeling. You will experience a lot of ups and downs, weight gains, weight loss and everything in between. You just simply have to keep going. It is never too late to start either. I messed up and I messed up so bad that I had to start over again. If you wake up in the morning, that is a brand-new chance. I took the chance by taking it one healthy choice at time.

I believe you are your own worse critic. Making a start is hard but doing nothing means you accumulate negative habits and increase more complications to your health. Meaning you put your own life at risk of diseases and unwanted illnesses that you could have prevented a long time ago.

So before you give up, make a stop at; 6 Louisa Grove, Waitangirua Porirua Wellington, E.F.K.S church hall and maybe this could be the break through you have been waiting for, there routines and support help me conquer what I though was impossible. Do it for you and for those who look up to you.

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