Governance for ATAMU is about good relationship which ensure a continuous journey compelled and guided by shared motives and motion (motivation) for continous improvement, innovation and long term sustainability.


The Board of Management (BOM) consists of elected members of the EFKS Porirua Church’s congregational groups. BOM members have and must apply skills, knowledge and experience in the best interests of AEPI, be committed to high quality governance, and assist AEPI to meet its objectives and the requirements of this Statement of Intent.

The AEPI BOM is strategic in character and existence. We are adamant that ‘Strategic Governance’ is the foundation element of building a robust, flexible and sustainable organisation that is clear about the contribution it makes to people and communities.

The Board is responsible for the appointment and performance monitoring of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


There are six (6) committees.

  1. The Executive Committee assists in the oversight of regulatory and fiancial reporting complience, external audit process and fianancial controls.
  2. The Human Resources Committee’s task is to assist the BOM in all aspects of staffing, from selection to appointments and succession planning, including the CEO remuneration policy and statutory compliance.
  3. The Health and Safety and Audit Committee ensure compliance requirements are adhered to throughout the entire AEPI organisation. It also monitors the work environment to mitigate potential fraud, identify and minimise risks.
  4. The Research and Innovation Committee is responsible with monitoring and evaluating programmes, projects and services to ensure compliance and contractual results leading to positive outcomes are achieved.
  5. The Communications and Propagation Committee's role is community engagement and public networking as well as maintaining the website and managing ICT requirements.
  6. The Assets and Finance Committee works in close liaison with the CEO and AEPI’s external accountants to ensure financial accounts and statements are prepared in accordance with New Zealand Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (NZ GAAP).
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