Leading through common shared values allows and encourages everyone to participate and contribute to deliver services that target all parts of our community.


Our Cluster Management concept or system does not confine the principal-agent to Arms-length relationships; it allows and encourages everyone to participate and contribute to the cause.

Leading through common shared values enable ATAMU to operate its Cluster Management mechanism where Board members, management, staff and volunteers work hand-in-hand delivering services that target individuals, families, their children and communities.

Significant responsibilities for specific aspects of services are carried out by church Mafutaga under a Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement.

The systems function effectively and efficiently because of:

  1. Dynamic leadership and stewardship
  2. Consistent management that leads by example
  3. Cohesive policies that are collectively developed
  4. Guidance, development and mentoring
  5. Clarity of Processes and procedures
  6. Decision-rights for a given area of responsibility; i.e. subcommittee.


The Board delegates day-to-day management of the organisation to the Executive Officer.
Within guidelines set by the Board, the Executive Officer has responsibility for management of the organisation, including:

  1. Implementation of the Strategic Plan, including development of and reporting against the Operational Plan
  2. Recruitment, management and supervision of staff
  3. Liaison with internal and external stakeholders
  4. Overseeing financial management of the organisation, including approving expenditure within delegation and     budget 
  5. Circulating a list of all payments to the Board meeting 
  6. Preparing the budget.
  7. Opens all correspondence and ensure that the Chairperson and staff receive all relevant correspondence for action.
  8. Works with the Chairperson and Secretary in developing the Agenda for Board meetings.
  9. Reporting to the Board
  10. Acting as the public spokesperson for the organisation, as agreed with the Chairperson.


ATAMU's integrated services is defined as a total approach that merges Preventive Intervention, Ameliorative Intervention and Restorative Intervention.

Working from a-strengths-based perspective spirituality is an integral component of our services mix.

The approach is the common thread that permeates our services offering.

Being implemented and/or proactively being pursued are projects and programmes in five sectors namely:

  • Social - Contract with the Ministry of Social Development to deliver OSCAR
  • Health - Contact with the Ministry of Health to deliver the Pasifika Innovation project
  • Education - Contract with the Ministry of Education to deliver Anofale
  • Housing - Seeking potential partners for Social Housing initiatives
  • Economic - Pursuing Employment and Social Business opportunities.
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